our storage story

Storage space, or 'bunnyspace' as we call it, is usually a rarity in most newbuilds but we see it as an essential need for everyday life; one of our 'liveability test' missions for every new bunnyhome. You'll always find thoughtfully considered places to put everything away, just where you want it.

pantry heaven

There's never any shortage of cupboard space in a bunnyhome kitchen. In many you'll find a gorgeous, double-door corner pantry that feels much like an old-fashioned walk-in larder, giving bags of space for all your foodstuffs. Some of our bunnyhomes feature dynamic pull-out larders and demi-larders too. It's so much easier to find everything when it's neatly stored away.

And we don't just think about bunnyspace in the main kitchen — we always build in a utility room or utility area to give you even more storage.

understairs hideaway

We engineer practical storage space into our homes wherever we can, without compromising the design or layout. Take the understairs space for example; so often dead, wasted space that gets full of clutter with coats and shoes and the like. Not in a Craft Collection bunnyhome. You'll find that in some of our Craft Collection bunnyhomes we've turned this hard-to-use space into a perfectly organised hideaway for your everyday stuff from golf clubs to wellies to your bags for life.

wardrobe wonders

All bunnyhomes Craft Collection homes have the option of super-spacious fitted wardrobes as an upgrade. With stylish sliding doors in your choice of finish, they give you maximum storage space without feeling like they're taking up any of your bedroom floorspace.

Storage is a real thing for us at bunnyhomes. It's a crucial part of our home building story.

craft collection

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