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We’ve been reinventing renting since 2013. For life without hassles.

We started bunnyhomes back in 2013 against a backdrop of old style, old school renting. Our mission was simple: To do it better. To do it differently. We set out purposefully to bring a new level of quality and service to those looking to rent. For example, from day one we’ve never charged fees — we’ve just never thought it fair for customers.

We’ve been pioneering and inventive in our approach, looking at everything from the ground up to see how we could make it better; to take away the hassles.

What does that look like? Great homes, a paperless application via our unique, industry-beating, bunny-on-board hotel-style iPad. And we manage it all ourselves, the whole nine yards. 

And then there’s ‘Freemove’, which allows you to hop between bunnyhomes for free. Job change? Life change? It’s all part of the bunnyhomes big picture. For life without hassles.

We’re unusual in that we make no customer distinction between renters and buyers. We believe people should have the choice to do what suits them at the time. Even more unusually, we offer the same choice of collections City, Classix and Cream to both.

We don’t outsource, we do everything ourselves. We’ll show you round, help you through checks and references and in realtime we’ll ‘bunny-on-board’ you via our hotel-style iPad check-in. You’ll get one nice, neat email, so there’s no scrabbling around in the back of a drawer for paperwork later!

We don't do call centres so there's no hanging on the phone with us. Should anything ever need fixing, you’ll have the mobile number of a real live human to call, who’ll arrange to be round to sort out whatever it is as quickly as possible.

We build it, we host it and we maintain it. From the day you view, the big move-in day, and the day you say goodbye you'll only deal with us. We manage everything ourselves from end-to-end all with our bunnyhomes upbeat service. That's reinventing renting!

'Freemove' is exclusive to bunnyhomers. It allows you to hop around our bunnyhomes rentals for free. If you want to switch for size or location, there’s no extra cost*. And the whole process is easier because a lot of the paperwork is already done.

*Subject to availability and price differences.

The freedom to live the way you want, when you want. It’s your call, because bunnyhomes moves with your life. Once you’re a bunnyhomer not only can you hop between our rented properties, you can buy a bunnyhome too, if and when it suits you. For life without hassles.

Our bunnyhomes rentals are designed and kitted out to the same high specification as those for sale. We don’t differentiate. Gorgeous kitchens, boutique bathrooms, beautiful flooring and decor — we’re continually renewing our homes to keep them up to date.

We’re unusual in having our own dedicated Phileas Fogg who scours the UK for hundreds of days (literally) sourcing quality materials and products for our homes. From the British-made kitchens to the beautifully on-trend flooring, some of the best suppliers are right here in the South West!

For the modern-day dilemma of storage, wherever we can we design-in a cupboard for necessities like the ironing board and hoover. We fit full-size, meaningful kitchens, not the usual rental kitchenette and we also think about where you’ll stash stuff like your winter coats and wellies.

So why not relax and be a homebunny? And we don’t just mean when you’re indoors, snuggled up on the sofa. We aim for a harmonious mix of bunnyhomers because it really matters we're creating great neighbourhoods as well as bunnyhomes.

Like a delicious box of chocolates, our exclusive selection of bunnyhomes collections offers a choice of homes to suit everyone. Because we all want different things in a home, at different times: City, Classix and Cream — which one’s for you? Find out more.

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