your home renting journey

Whether you’re a seasoned renter or new to renting, you’ll find we do things differently here at bunnyhomes. Our rental process is beautifully streamlined and hassle free, so you can be in before you know it. Here’s how it works:

step 01
take a peek

You’ve found the bunnyhomes rental of your dreams, probably online, so the first thing we need to do once you’ve registered your interest is get you in for a viewing. Online photos are great but there’s nothing quite like having a proper mooch around to make sure it’s the place for you.

We handle everything ourselves, so your viewing will be arranged and carried out by one of the bunnyhomes team, who’ll contact you personally to agree the best time to meet.

step 02
ticking boxes

Assuming you fall in love at first sight, next we need to run through some simple qualifying questions, to tick the usual boxes. Apart from your name and date of birth, we also need to know your employment status, see proof of identity and understand any additional details. We’ll do all this by email to keep things quick and easy.

step 03
final checks

Once the initial boxes are satisfactorily ticked, our referencing partner will contact your previous landlord and your employer for references and carry out a credit check to make sure everything’s in order.

step 04
bedtime reading

Providing we get the thumbs up on everything in point 3, we’ll send you a pre-tenancy information pack including full property details and a copy of the Government’s ‘How to Rent’ guide for a bit of bedtime reading. We’ll also send a copy of our Tenancy Agreement which outlines everything you need to know about renting your bunnyhome. If this raises any questions, this is the time to fire away.

step 05
let's fix a date

The last of the formalities is to take your deposit to secure your new bunnyhome. We do this via the Government-backed Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) so your money is held by an independent body, not by bunnyhomes. Once the deposit is received we can fix your moving-in date.

step 06
bunny onboard

On handover day we’ll meet you at your new bunnyhome to take you through our paperless bunny onboard hotel-style check-in. It’s all done on the iPad so we can simply email you a copy of everything for your records so you can store it safely — not lose it down the back of a drawer.

We’ll show you how everything works, including the heating and the oven, so you’ll be warm and fed from day one! We’ll explain the day-to-day details such as bins and parking and we’ll also do an inventory check and take photos. Then it’s all yours — we’ll leave you to settle in and enjoy your new home. It’s as easy as that.

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