introducing Winston & his world...

Hello, I’m Winston, Chief Creative Officer of interiors and upcoming trends. My philosophy is to give everyone the power to personalise their homes and hand-pick their interiors.


hand pick 
your interiors

The fun starts here! It’s your chance to unleash your inner interior designer, to get everything just as you want it.


relax & 

Browse our collection of exceptionally well-considered tasteful touches for your bunnyhome. Fill your home with joy.


a little

The finest ingredients and tasteful additions, creating mouthwatering feasts that will embellish your bunnyhome with my designer-led menus.


of joy

Our interiors, like our home designs are inspired by the Georgians. Grand, refined and not forgetting some fun!


of fun

Touch, feel, play. A unique and fun-filled experience – the most enjoyable way to personalise your home.


bold as 

Brassware choices that are far from boring. Tactile finishes and on-trend colours to give you that distinctive look that’s you.


of joy

Our interiors, like our home designs are inspired by the Georgians. Grand, refined and not forgetting some fun!



Your kitchen will look like it’s straight out of a photoshoot for Homes & Gardens. Cabinetry you’ve always dreamed of.



Get all ‘Marie Kondo’ with our wonderful wardrobes. A place for everything, and everything in its place.


of joy

Our interiors, like our home designs are inspired by the Georgians. Grand, refined and not forgetting some fun!



Silestone and Dekton stone-like worktops – possibly the most popular personalisation must-haves in our bunnyhomes.



Cook like a pro with a delicious array of leading edge Smeg appliances to revolutionise dinner time in your bunnyhome.


it's all 

Bathroom storage never looked so good. Stylish, simple, understated Villeroy & Boch vanity units in a choice of colours.

how it works

Winston's wonderful magic benefits

I’ve decoded and demystified into tailor made, easy to use, easy to choose gorgeous bundles of joy for everyone. There are lots of lovely curated wonderful things to choose from, something for everyone. Just decide what hand-picked personalisation you’d love for your home interiors.

don’t forget...

It's all taken care of. Beautiful, hand-picked interiors with complete peace of mind.  With no trades to chase, no measuring to worry about, no preparatory work to undertake. It’s all done for you. 

Unlock the magic. It's that easy!

Decide which curated collection of wonderful things you would love for your home all placed together in convenient bundles. 

Everyone qualifies for my Free 15 minute introduction to my world. 

When you book your appointment why not let us pre-prepare a gorgeous hand-picked coordinated interior look on my Wonderwall to inspire your personalisation for your Craft Collection home. 

If you go for my Grandma’s Gift all-inclusive luxury bundle, you can look forward to a dedicated private use of my lounge, with drinks and nibbles whilst choosing all the exciting things for your home. 

There are lots of lovely curated wonderful things to choose from, something for everyone. 

It’s a nice experience. 

welcome to my special lounge

for a home personalisation experience like no other, visit me in my lounge (that's named after me!) An exciting space that is beautifully dressed to showcase all the wonderful things I’ve chosen for you. Touch, feel, play.

winston's world lounge

We can pre-select a curated look to make it easier for you on my Winston’s Wonderwall. See what your chosen kitchen cabinetry looks like against your flooring choices. How does that flash of brushed brass trim look in the bathroom?

winston's world lounge

My Wonderwall is specially designed for you to make a memory, take a snap so you have it all to hand to showcase to your friends and family.

winston's world lounge

Of course we can do it together to really showcase the best options for your personal sense of style.

winston's world lounge

My dedicated Winston’s World lounge is a glam and calm space, designed to take away the hassle. With beautiful things laid out in an easy to see and play area, until we put together a personal cover look you love for your home.

what's inside?

Ever practical, there are plenty of superb functional ideas such as Dekton worktops that are so strong they can take the weight of 140 elephants. A fabulous new carbon neutral product made with a mix of 20 natural minerals. It’s so easy to look after it literally only requires soap and water to clean, and no maintenance. How good is that?

Self cleaning pyrolytic ovens. Warming drawers to keep plates ever-ready or the lasagne warm for people late to the table! Not a strictly functional, practical item maybe but… the wine coolers were hard to resist. I told myself I could keep my carrot juice in there!

For sheer beauty, I couldn’t resist the hand-painted British kitchens, available in 22 fabulous colours. 

I did say I was Chief Creative Officer of Interiors and up coming trends! I get very swept away with helping you to achieve something rather special just for you, that really works for your life.

see for yourself

Come and see what all the excitement is about at my 
Winston’s World lounge at The Watchmaker’s in Bodmin.



see for yourself

Come and see what all the excitement is about at my 
Winston’s World lounge at The Watchmaker’s in Bodmin.


creative direction

We work with a creative mix of suppliers, from premium quality, stylish brands like Villeroy & Boch ceramicware and SMEG appliances, to local craft makers such as Edward, 6th generation, who makes your 'little piece of Cornwall' door numeral with the finest Cornish slate.

Champagne bar

the night I got swept away


Sitting in a chi-chi cocktail bar I could not help but notice the flashes of brushed brass and the edgy matt black metal, helping me to enjoy my Caipirinha carrot cocktail. I thought, ‘we just have to have that to offer our Craft Collection customers to glamourise their bathrooms with brassware!’

I asked the barman how to pronounce it! Oh dear…
Caipirinha - kai·puh·ree·nyuh
Cachaca - cah.shah.sah

Flooring artist

to the stars


Recognising all the pressure of measuring, preparatory work, appropriate underlays, finding trades and fitters I wanted to offer you an easy, enjoyable solution so that when your toes touch the ground you can literally hit it running.

Hassle free freedom 

All of the pleasure, none of the chore. I have come up with 3 complete bundles from the triple £££ where my toes literally disappeared into the luxurious, soft-touch, heavyweight carpet, to the single £ cushion vinyl, perfect for sticky fingers and soapy toddler bathtime suds, with time saving wipe, clean & go practicality.

Cover looks

& campaigns


We’ve created cover looks for the Craft Collection. There’s even an opulent bar in the magic room. It really is out of this world.

The night we had the chat


  • I don’t want to do it
  • It is what it is
  • If it’s not done, I’m not interested
  • I’m too busy
  • Tell me beautiful things
  • If its not bundled, I’m not bothered

Born in Cornwall, raised in the melting pot of inspiring natural landscapes, moorland, Atlantic breakers, the artists of Penzance & Newland. I wanted to bring that textural interest to homes.

Having seen farmhouse kitchens and slate floors, transformed with blue Formica, to move again to the soft brown of English Oak cabinetry, for it all to change again to the simplicity of painted Shaker cupboards. Evolution before my eyes.

Understanding the transformative power of home.

I’m the first famous bunny to push boundaries with all-inclusive solutions or pick & mix mini-bundles. Revolutionising how to move into your home on day one knowing it’s all done.

enjoy with me!

my joyful journey

I’ve travelled the UK, visited many factories, met many maker craftsmen and sat through a lot of meetings to bring you the nicest things to choose from. I’ve curated a collection of wonderful things to personalise your home and save you time – I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve curated for this year’s selections.

I’ve decoded the time consuming, overwhelming task of making your home the way you want it; transformative trend lead items that are easy to use and easy to choose, for everyone whatever your personal style.

I’ve bundled them into easy, fun, gorgeous solutions, so all you got to do is pick the colours and textures that most appeal to your sense of style. 

Just a really nice experience.

our craft collection homes

We created a beautiful collection of homes in homage to the world’s most mesmerising architecture era of Georgian style. Inspired by clean, elegant lines and pretty thresholds to enter. It’s beauty in bricks. 

Homes that shout to be dressed in your style sense using all the wonderful items I’ve found for you, from soft natural formed textured tiles inspired by nature, earthy shades of carpet, lets put it all together, together. 

the manor house
the old parsonage
ivy house
the granary
hedgerow house
orchard lane
rose cottage
poppy cottage
fox's leap
honeysuckle cottage
carriage house
owl corner

want to know more?

Just give me a call – ask for Winston!

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