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The Consumer Code for Home Builders is a set of rules we follow as part of our registration with the NHBC (National House Building Council).

At bunnyhomes we’ve always put our bunnyhomers first, keeping everything really clear and simple to understand through every step of your home buying journey. The Code just reinforces our upbeat service and keeps all the documents in one place so that you can refer to it whenever you need to.

As soon as you reserve we'll give you a copy of the Code with your reservation agreement. It tells you everything you need to know about the home buying process, and your consumer rights before and after you move in.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the info and service levels we’re committed to throughout your home buying journey:

are we there yet?

You’ve reserved your bunnyhome! So what happens next? At this point we’ll give you the following info:

  • Your written Reservation Agreement including the reservation fee, what you’re buying, the price, how and when the Reservation Agreement ends and how long we hold the price for
  • An explanation of what your NHBC warranty covers
  • Details of any management services and companies that will be involved in your buying process and an estimate of their costs
  • How we work out and apply any event fees such as transfer fees or similar.

If your home isn’t ready yet (maybe you’re buying off plan?) we’ll also include the following info so you know exactly what you’re buying:

  • A site plan showing where your home is positioned within the development*
  • An artist’s impression or CGI (computer generated image) showing the style and design of your new home*
  • A floorplan showing the internal layout*
  • A list of the home’s contents*
  • The standards to which we’re building your bunnyhome.*

When the time arrives to exchange contracts, the contract will be clear and fair, in line with all industry legislation. We’ll also make sure you understand your rights to terminate at this point.

We’ll agree the date of Legal Completion and the date you’ll become the legal owner of your bunnyhome and can move in.​

* Subject to changes or alterations.

home – we are now!

You’ve managed to find the kettle and are in your lovely new bunnyhome. Our friendly bunnyhomes team are there to help with their natural, upbeat service, even after you’ve moved in.

We want you to really enjoy your bunnyhome. We’re an independent, company and we’re passionate about getting things right. If there’s anything we’ve overlooked we’d really like to hear about it so we can put it right as quickly as possible for you. We’ll make sure you know who to contact and how. We'll furnish you with all the relevant warranties and guarantees for your new bunnyhome so you'll always have them to hand.

If there’s work still going on around you after you’ve moved in, we’ll need to have a health & safety chat to make sure you and your family stay safe while we’re making ready for your neighbours and continuing to make the development a beautiful place to live.

As you’d expect from a reputable home builder like bunnyhomes, we’ve got all the necessary processes and procedures in place to deal with any queries.


a nose for detail

For those that like to study the detail,
you can get the full lowdown of what
the Consumer Code covers.

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