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Across the South West, we're changing the way people think about new homes. At bunnyhomes we like to be different and more importantly, we're on a mission to do things better. From building better more beautiful homes to making your home-buying journey better than anything you've experienced before, without the usual hassle. From laying the first brick to handing you the keys we're with you every step of the way.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and our land team are always looking for the perfect spot or disused building that we can bring back to life. We're all about creating beautiful places to live.

When we buy land we carry out all sorts of investigative work including soil tests and independent environmental studies to protect the habitats of wildlife like newts, dragonflies and the native British dormouse.

We spend months refining our architectural plans. We toil over every tiny detail through the build stages and finish with the highest standard of care, both inside and out of our bunnyhomes. It’s the specifications that make all the difference.

We thought it, we bought it, we made it. From the ground up or upcycled by our skilled team of master builders and craftspeople, we use time-honoured methods, and the finest materials to do things better. Learn more.

We don’t outsource, we do everything ourselves. From the day you view, to the big move-in day, to the day you say goodbye, you only deal with us. We manage everything ourselves from end-to-end. All with our bunnyhomes upbeat service.

It does what it says on the tin! Our naturally upbeat service makes our bunnyhomes team a joy to deal with. You’re in safe hands. We’re proud of what we do and we want your home buying experience with us to be a happy and memorable one.

We’ve really thought about the details that make for a better home. From the impressive welcome of a traditional, handmade aged zinc porch, to heightened ceilings. Differences that won’t go unnoticed by you, or anyone else.

For the modern-day dilemma of storage, we’ve come up with charming solutions. From proper pantries and demi-larder cupboards to bespoke built-in understairs storage, there’s always somewhere to put little ted or that stray lego brick.

Your hypothalamus will love life in a bunnyhome. This is the part of your brain that stops working properly if natural daylight exposure is reduced. As we purposefully design-in super-sized windows so rooms are flooded with natural light it will be perfectly at home here.

Noise pollution is another thing we’ve thought a lot about at bunnyhomes. It can trigger the body’s stress response and seriously affect our health. So we’ve gone out of our way to reduce it, with little touches like fitting solid core doors and additional ceiling joists.

We’re unusual in having our own dedicated Phileas Fogg who scours the UK for hundreds of days (literally) sourcing quality materials and products for our homes. From the British-made kitchens to exactly the right coloured bricks, some of the best suppliers are right here in the South West!

The freedom to live the way you want, when you want. It’s your call, because bunnyhomes moves with your life. Once you’re a bunnyhomer you’ve got the flexibility to hop back and forth between buying and renting as and when it suits you. For life without hassles.

Like a delicious box of chocolates, our exclusive bunnyhomes collections offer a choice of homes to suit everyone. Because we all want different things in a home, at different times: City, Classix, Craft and Cream — which one’s for you? Find out more.

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