​what is a bunnyhomes local parish home?

Our bunnyhomes local parish homes are a valuable part of our neighbourhoods, helping to keep the heritage of our villages and towns alive.

keeping local people local

We build bunnyhomes local parish homes to help support the local communities in the villages and towns we build in. Our bunnyhomes local parish homes are designed to help keep local people local; making it more affordable to stay living close to family and childhood neighbourhoods, or near to work. For people from all walks of life, from school teachers and nurses to farm workers, carpenters, plumbers and paramedics.

Villages and towns across Cornwall and Devon have been home to generations of families growing up and growing old together. Sharing memories, picking up the kids at short notice, popping round for a cup of tea, or dropping off groceries to grandparents on the way home from work. We’re proud to be part of the solution to keep this going.

bringing it home...

Being close to family has always been important to us at bunnyhomes. With bunnyhomes local parish homes designed into every neighbourhood, we help to make it possible.


how does it work?

You’ll find bunnyhomes local parish homes blended into every bunnyhomes neighbourhood across Cornwall and Devon.

Designed and built with the same love and attention as all our bunnyhomes, bunnyhomes local parish homes complement our stunning neighbourhood streetscapes beautifully.

The ownership and rental of our bunnyhomes local parish homes is all wonderfully organised and managed by specialist, Government-backed housing companies. They’re the region’s best at what they do and they look after everything perfectly. See the links to their websites at the bottom of this page.


1. ownership

For local people looking to own their own home, but not yet in the position to buy outright.


2. rent

This option is available to local people.

want to know more?

If you have any questions about bunnyhomes local parish homes Shared Ownership and Affordable Rent, drop us an email at sales@bunnyhomes.com

the watchmaker's, bodmin

bramble lane, kilkhampton

blackberry lane, kilkhampton

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