​love a local parish home?

There’s more than one way to own a new home in a beautiful bunnyhomes neighbourhood. Learn more about bunnyhomes local parish homes below…

have your cake and eat it

It’s everyone’s dream to own their own home; it’s an inherent need hard-wired into our DNA, to create our nest where we feel safe, warm and secure.

That feeling of excitement when you pick up the keys, make that first cup of tea in your fabulous new kitchen and start arranging your things. That deep sense of pride when you invite friends and family round and you can see how impressed they are with the wonderful place you have.

This is exactly how you’ll feel in a bunnyhomes local parish home. Even if you can’t get a full mortgage, there’s another way to own one of these beautifully built, well-spec’d homes. You can have your cake and eat it. Here’s how…

there's ​a different way...

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what is shared ownership?

‘Shared ownership’ of a bunnyhomes local parish home is the perfect solution for those looking to own their own home, but not yet in the position to buy outright. It works by enabling you to pay a combination of mortgage and rent each month, at a level that’s right for you. As time goes by and circumstances change, you can adjust the balance between mortgage and rent. In small bunny steps, at a pace to suit you, you can slowly increase the mortgage and reduce the rent until your bunnyhomes local parish home is completely yours! This method of adjusting how you pay over time is called ‘staircasing’.

Local companies here in the south west Live West and Ocean Housing are specialists in shared ownership and are approved by the Government to offer it under their national scheme. Live West and Ocean Housing have secured a number of bunnyhomes local parish homes in our Foxglove Lane, Fremington and our Clover Pastures, Carbis Bay neighbourhoods. Contact them direct to find out more — their phone numbers and email links are at the bottom of this page.

the maths bit

How does the combination of mortgage and rent work? Imagine your dream local parish home is a delicious apple pie. You can divide it into 2 portions any size you like — one portion is rented, and the other is mortgaged. You could have 3/4 (75%) of the pie as mortgage, and 1/4 (25%) as rent.

mortgage/rent split examples

Based on a purchase price of £325,000, this is how that would look:

  • 75% Mortgaged portion: £243,750
  • 25% Rented portion: £169.27 per month
  • Deposit required based on 10% of mortgage value: £24,375

Or, you cut your pie up quite differently, for a much smaller mortgage and a higher monthly rent:

  • 40% Mortgaged portion: £130,000
  • 60% Rented portion: £270.83 per month
  • Deposit required based on 10% of mortgage value: £13,000

To find out more about the best mortgage/rent split for you, get in touch with Live West or Ocean Housing using the contact details below.

interested in a local parish home?

Find out more about shared ownership of a bunnyhomes local parish home at Foxglove Lane, Fremington or Clover Pastures, Carbis Bay by contacting the specialist companies below:

foxglove lane

live west

0300 123 8080

clover pastures

ocean housing

01726 874 450

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