If you like the idea of being part of a friendly community within a village or small town, then a Classix Collection bunnyhome is for you. Think green spaces for children to play in, plenty of parking for guests to visit, local amenities on your doorstep and close to schools. And all with the added advantages of renting rather than buying, to suit the way you want to live.

Convenience is king in these small-town neighbourhoods. Whipping up some delicious pancakes for Sunday brunch but forgot the milk? There’ll be a local shop nearby to come to your rescue. Fancy a catch up with friends in a high street coffee shop? Classix Collection homes are always located near bus stops so you can be there in a hop.

british classix

Our Classix homes are just that. British classix with a twist. 2 and 3 bedroom homes for rent that are one of a kind, so you can find a home as unique as you are. They're perfect for young families setting out on life’s great adventure, perhaps hopping onto the second step of the ladder.

it's good for you

We all know that youngsters these days are more inclined to indoor hobbies rather than climbing trees or building dens, but the health benefits of being outside in the fresh air are now scientifically proven.

Apart from the obvious increased intake of vitamin D (even when the sun’s not out), did you know that breathing a good helping of our delicious Cornish and Devonshire fresh air actually cleans our lungs, freeing them of impurities such as car fumes and dust. It decreases hyperactivity and depression and of course being outdoors means you’re probably being more active, reducing the likelihood of child obesity. The boffins at Cambridge University also reckon that every hour spent outdoors each week can reduce a child’s chance of being short-sighted by two percent.

And let’s not forget the importance of keeping our young people connected to our great British nature and wildlife. The changing colours of the seasons, the fascinating lives of squirrels, hedgehogs and butterflies — and maybe even a bit of good old-fashioned foraging would be fun too. Our Classix Collection homes have it all, right outside your front door.

Family-sized homes with front and back gardens, giving you plenty
of space for the kids to get outdoors.

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