the little things that matter

Attention to detail is what we do at bunnyhomes. Because it’s the little details that make a big difference.

solid core doors

We’ve all experienced it with cars — when the feel and action of closing the door says a lot about the quality of its engineering. The weight, the smoothness and that reassuring secureness of closure all speak volumes. The same goes for the doors in our Craft Collection homes.

Our internal doors are a step above the average new build specification, engineered for added strength, stability and performance. As heavy, solid core doors they need three hinges, allowing them to hang perfectly and giving a distinctly smooth action. The solid core not only gives stability, but acts as a great sound barrier too — perfect for those loud movie nights or teenagers' bedrooms blasting out music.

Our doors are made from A-grade American white oak veneer and come in a natural oak finish. They're FSC® certified with full chain of custody.

dreamy decor

As a team we made a pact never to settle for magnolia when it comes to the decor for our Craft Collection homes. Magnolia was once considered as the ultimate blank canvas for a new home, but things have moved on.

We agree, it’s great to have a neutral palette for when you first move in but we wanted to create some warmth and interest by using a tone with more depth. So we created our specially-blended bunny paint in a mood-enhancing hue. It reflects current home trends, so your furnishings will blend and accent more harmoniously in your new bunnyhome. We hope you like it — and you never know, you might just want to keep it that way.

gorgeous guttering

Our expert specification team have procured some of the finest products sympathetic to our Georgian styling without compromising on quality or performance. Take our guttering and downpipes for example. We’ve sourced these in an elegant, traditional-style for our Craft Collection homes, rather than opting for the standard used by most housebuilders. Not only does it make such a difference to the external aesthetics of each home, it also greatly improves the overall street scene too.

just a plug?

It's the details that convey a sense of harmony. Our Villeroy & Boch washbasins come with the option of a ceramic white pop-up plug for a truly minimalist, seamless finish. Or you might prefer to specify chrome to match the basin tap? The good news is that even with the tiniest (some might say insignificant) details like this, with a Craft Collection home you get to choose.

It’s all the little details that add up to making a big difference in your new bunnyhome.

mowing made easy

Everything has to be ‘just so’ when we build our Craft Collection homes, and that extends outside too. If you’re as fussy as we are, you’re going to love our ‘mowing strips’ — smart paving strips that are sunk into the ground to provide a flush edge with your lawn. Not only do they make a garden look more ‘designed’, they allow you to mow right over them, leaving a perfectly neat finish. No more scruffy edges to tidy up.

light fantastic

We think about light a great deal in the design and build of our Craft Collection home; inside and out. We love it that our oversized windows allow lots of lovely natural light to flood in through the rooms.

We also wanted to make sure lighting outdoors was practical too. There’s a light to the rear and also a stylish feature light to the front. In keeping with the Georgian-inspired design, it resembles a coach lantern with clear panes of glass and simple black framing. It blends with the overall look and feel perfectly and is a warm, welcoming light to come home to on those dark nights or early mornings.

“When you’ve been living in a bunnyhome for a while, it’s all the little things that you notice that make you smile”

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