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At bunnyhomes, we’re about building beautiful neighbourhoods as well as beautiful homes. Visual impact, spacial design and ease of accessibility — everything works in seamless harmony. 

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When you approach a bunnyhomes Craft Collection neighbourhood there’s no mistaking you’ve arrived somewhere quite special. We put a great deal of thought and care into how our homes look together and the overall layout of the site including roads and walkways. Our meaningful street scenes make appealing and lasting vistas that you want to come home to and that stand the test of time. Painstakingly perfected, we give each and every bunnyhome pride of place.

a grand entrance

There’s a lot to take in, even before you get over the threshold. Our artisan-made, Georgian-style porches, traditionally-designed coach lanterns and slate house numbers all combine to create a very grand entrance indeed.

And last but not least, there's the front door. Combining beauty and the latest technology: it’s totally weatherproof, impact and scratch resistant, 4 x more thermally insulated than a solid timber door and reinforced to be PAS24 compliant, meeting the Police Preferred Specification and exceeding the requirements of the new Building Regulation Approved Document Q.

the green scene

‘Keeping it green’ has been one of our design mantras when planning our development layouts with our landscape architects. From ornamental and low clipped box hedging bordering front gardens, to well-considered tree planting along primary roads, all in keeping with the local character.

The idea is to create an evergreen vista, with a good helping of seasonal colour mixed in, such as the wonderful Carpinus Betulus trees that turn a glorious yellow in autumn. Both private and communal areas are abundantly planted to give an established feel from day one.

blooming beautiful

You’ll find our ‘Butterfly & Bee’ rose growing at your front door on every bunnyhomes Craft Collection development. We do this not just for its scent and prettiness, but to cheer up our lives and improve the wellness of our planet.

Did you know that the likelihood of our bumblebee population surviving has plummeted by nearly a third, due to global warming? With many species of butterflies and bees classed as endangered or vulnerable, we want to do our bit to help with every new bunnyhome we build.

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