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Everyone knows that the beauty of buying a new home is that everything is, well, brand new. At bunnyhomes we put a little twist on that by designing-in touches of tradition that make all the difference.

artisan-made porches

Welcome home. The entrance to every Craft Collection home is so much more than a front door. It’s your face to the world and the gateway to your inner sanctuary. 

In true Georgian style we’ve embellished our Craft Collection doorways with bespoke porches, handmade from aged zinc by highly skilled, award-winning craftsmen in a village just outside the city of Bath. 

British-made in a heritage ‘scoop’ style using traditional, sustainable materials, with their rust-resistant finish our beautiful porches are designed to last a lifetime.

trellis work

Skilfully made by the same talented craftsmen who make our elegant porches, our trellis work is the natural enhancement to create a grand entrance to our Craft Collection homes. And it’s the perfect way to show off our Butterfly & Bee rose, a special variety with just the right scent and tone of pink. Each panel of trellis is held away from the wall, providing a stylish support for our gorgeous rose, allowing it to twine and grow freely.

As with our porches, our trellis work is hot dip zinc galvanized to form a corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free finish that will last a lifetime.

hand picked bricks

Who’d have thought there was such a choice of bricks? From colour to tone and texture, today’s bricks come in an array of different finishes — and would you believe it, so does the cement — just perfect for ultra-picky perfectionists like us.

After careful consideration and numerous tests of endless samples we’ve selected just the right combination to suit our vision for our Craft Collection homes.

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