Great Britain.

Thursday 10th, June 2021

Dear Boris,

We’d love you to pop in for a cup of tea. Make our day! PLEASE

We are one of the SME’s that make up 25% of the houses you’d like to see built in Britain. We don’t build houses, we are a homes creator and we’d like to talk to about ‘building beautiful’ and the challenges presented to us on those points.

Let’s talk about toilets. Let’s talk about Earth Eudaemonia for planet health in our Craft Collection homes.


Eudaemonia [ yoo-di-moh-nee-uh ]: noun 1. The Greek word for happiness; well-being.


Our toilets feature a hi-tech coating that makes everything that happens in there slip away more smoothly. Kinder to the planet, as they greatly reduce the need for harsh cleaning products. Better for our natural water ways for planet health.


Let’s talk about Human Eudaemonia. We tackle 3 issues head on, actively considering how the design of our homes can help improve wellness for living.


  • SAD (seasonal affective disorder) — as part of the remedy we specify gorgeous super-sized windows for masses of natural year-round light.
  • Noise-induced anxiety — as part of the remedy we have a third less deflection on our floors upstairs for less squeak.
  • Control-induced anxiety — we design-in a variety of solutions to help promote calmness. We’ve developed ‘bunnyspace’ storage solutions including the ‘magic room’, pantries, demi-larders, and under-stairs storage systems.

We’re Cornish raised and reared; and this, is, a labour of love. 

We want to make sure we create great homes to come home to now, and still look beautiful in 20 years time.

Our Craft Collection offers the ultimate mend-ability, helping to conserve the natural resources we work with of clay, sand, bricks. It’s the total up-cycler.

That’s without mentioning the CAT 6 we put in which means they are future-proofed too, allowing for the potential of later life remote care assistance and monitoring of health conditions. We design with good living in mind.

We need some Boris bounce! Come and see us for that cup of tea. Let’s not settle for ‘build’ - let’s ‘build back beautiful’. PLEASE.

Bolder, braver, more bunny.


Tracey x

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